• Premium tile with solar power for your home

    • Solar Roof Spec

      Tile Warranty: 25 Years

      Power Warranty: 25 Years

      Weatherization Warranty: 25 Years

      Roof Pitch: 2:12 to 12:12

      Hail Rating: Class 3 ANSI FM 4473

      Wind Rating: Claff F ASTM D3161 (up to 166 mph winds)

      Fire Rating: Class A UL 790 (best fire rating)

    • Built to Last

      Product Design

      Tesla Solar Roof is designed from the ground-up to be a high performance roofing material.

      .1 Tile

      Impact protection, water shedding, power generation.

      .2 Air Gap

      Wiring, ice-dam protection. Cool Roof compliant.

      .3 Underlayment

      Water and fire barrier

    • The only roof that pays for itself

      What's the payback period for a shingle roof?

      Energy production lowers the price of he roof below composite shingles as fast as 5 years!

      Blue line is comp shingle + utility costs

      • Electricity rates generally increase over time

      Red line is upfront SR investment

      • Utility savings on day 1
      • Break even with comp roof in 5 years
      • System pays for itself in 12 years (ROI)
        • Recuperate avoided utility cost in 12 years
      • Begin making profit after year 12
      A $50k investment can return -$150,000!

      How much are you paying on that kitchen remodel?
      Will a new pool pay you $150k?
      Can you earn $150k from a house remodel?

    • Free Solar Consultation

      See if Tesla Solar Roof Systems is right for you!